Marathon Musings: Closing In…

Marathon day is closing in upon me. In a mere ten days, I will be running 26.2 miles for the first (and last?) time in my life.

Throughout my training I’ve been pretty confident in my ability to finish the race. I even set a very loose goal time of 5:30. I’m still feeling confident, but the nerves are finally starting to set in.

I think most of the nervousness come from not knowing what to expect or how to prepare (ya know, other than the seemingly endless number of miles I’ve run over the last eighteen week.)  I’ve run plenty of races before, but a marathon just seems so much bigger. I can make it through a half on a solid breakfast and the water and fuel provided along the race course, but will that be enough for the full? How much fuel should I carry? Should I risk giving some to my parents or boyfriend to grab from them along the course? I worry about there being enough port-a-potties on the race course (because let’s face it, running ultimately makes me need to poop.) What do I eat for the next week and a half? How much more than “normal” do I eat? What about the night before or the morning of? And  most importantly, what the hell do I put on a playlist that needs to be six hours long?!?


Right now I am trying to find the delicate balance between not thinking about it too much (aka not getting myself all worked up and bent out of shape over the little things) and doing adequate marathon preparation research (making sure I don’t overlook some sort of crucial piece of marathon day knowledge.)

I’m sure I will have some sort of panicked melt down between now and the start of the race, but for now I’m dealing okay. In the meantime dear readers, any marathoners out there wanna share some race prep tips with a newbie? Or even better, have you got any favorite running tunes I should download immediately?

10 thoughts on “Marathon Musings: Closing In…

  1. hmmm a six hour playlist? honestly, I’d probably put on a Harry Potter audio book because those are pretty long. Book 1 is 8 hours so you’re welcome to borrow them if it’ll help, but I”m guessing only I’m THAT nerdy

    • An audio book sounds like a GREAT idea for a long race! I might look into it for my half marathon!

      All the best with your marathon btw!!

    • While that’s a pretty brialliant idea, I’m not entirely sure ti would motivate me in the same way music does especially when things really get tough. Though it could also be an effective distraction from the pain, frustration, whatever….but I might also just want to sit down and listen rather than keep running…. Hmmm….

  2. I really really hate poppyrap music, but nothin’ motivates me to work out like some Pitbull… As much as I am embarassed writing this right now 😉

    Shaek Senora Remix Featuring Ludacris


    International Love featuring Chris Brown(ick)

    and then there’s T.H.E. featuring Mick Jagger &

    On to less embarrassing tunes, how about:

    Shake It Out, Manchester Orchestra

    Snakes on a Plane, Cobra Starship

    Any Motion City SOundtrack Tune (The Future Freaks me out!)

    • Shake It Out is actually already on the list! (It;s one of, like, 4 songs I’ve got so far.) I’ll have to get me some Pitbull. I do really enjoy that “give me everything tonight song” with Usher or whomever that is!

      Also, you started a blog Tori?! I’m excited!!!

  3. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen. The Impression That I Get – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
    I found that the best songs for me in my first (and only so far) marathon were ones that I knew well and inspired me in some way. I asked everyone who had inspired me and my family to each give me a song also.

    Eat what you normally do for a half. Trust that your training will carry you. I carried some extra bloks (I can’t tolerate gel) and honey stinger waffles. Honey Stinger Waffles are heaven when you get hungry and easy to eat and you don’t necessarily need to wash them down with water the way you do gels and gummies.

    Cut open any fuel you plan to carry (except gels) for easy access. You’d be surprised how hard it is to rip open a wrapper when you’re exhausted!

    If you give your family/friends the fuel just make certain they know what you best pace could be and to be in a prearranged spot EARLY in case you’re having the race of your life! You probably already know it’s easier for you to find spectators than for them to spot you. Have the place they will stand scoped out ahead of time with landmarks for you.

    • Thank you for the tips!

      I’ll have to check my local running store for those honey stinger waffles. I’ve never heard of them before. I can’t handle gels and gus either. They just gross me out. I can suffer them if I don’t have much other choice, but I have to gag them down.

      This is a small race (4,000 people total between the half and the full) and there really aren’t a huge number of spectators (I ran the half last year) so I don’t expect it will be too difficult to find my adoring fans, but I’m sure just paying attention enough to locate people probably get more difficult as you get tired.

  4. I really love listening to This American Life while doing long runs. The stories are cut into 20 minutes(usually, it can vary by the show topic) and are pretty funny(once again varies by show topic). My playlists are all over the place. I like to mix it up because it keeps my attention. I am not afraid to go from Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams to Van Halen’s Dreams. Some current favorites on my list are.
    All of the Lights-Kayne ft Rihanna/Drake
    Bridge Burning-Foo Fighters
    Ask the Lonely-Journey
    Give it 2 Me-Madonna
    Get by- Talib Kweli
    Former favs include Meet me Halfway-Black Eye Peas, Naked-Goo Goo Dolls. Rihanna-Breaking Dishes.
    Another thing is just start googling or looking at iTunes-Work out mixes. Sure, it may make you roll your eyes but I’ve been reminded of some fun songs that way.

    • My playlists are all over the place too. I listen to pretty much every kind of music so my playlists usually reflect that. It’s totally normal for a playlist to jump from Eminem to Gaslight Anthem to Jason Aldean to Cheap Trick…whatever!

      Checking iTunes is a brilliant idea. I’m definitely going to do that tonight!

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