Goals, Goals, Goals: 45 Day Challenge Remix (AKA May Goals)

So I may have been a little over zealous and lacking in foresight when I set up my 45 day challenge back in mid-April. I didn’t really account for marathon training (taper) and recovery. 21 runs is highly unlikely, and even the 14 bike rides are precarious. On top of that my the tendonitis in my right wrist flared up immediately after posting my challenge which made push-ups pretty much suck. Once I realized that I was going to (most likely) fall short on several goals, I pretty much gave up on the whole challenge.

So I’ve decided to scrap that challenge all together and take a different approach for May keeping a few things in mind:

  1. My excuse for food and drink free-for-all is gone as of Saturday. It’s time to get back to tracking everything and sticking to my points.
  2. I don’t really know how much recovery time I will need post marathon.
  3. I’m taking at least two weeks off running after Saturday, but I’m not taking two weeks off of fitness.
  4. I would like to get the extra pounds I gain during marathon training off by the end of the month

With this things in mind, I’ve decided to take a cue from Laura and her April Challenge, I’m going to be setting weekly goals. I’m sure some goals will stay the same week to week (e.g. tracking), but other I expect will change each week (e.g. pretty much anything fitness/ workout related.) I plan to set an average of 3 – 5 goals per week, and goals will be posted each Tuesday.

So, my first week’s goals are pretty much focused on getting myself ready for my marathon on Saturday. I don’t have many fitness goals since it’s taper week.

  1. Track 6 out of 7 days (I’m more or less giving myself marathon day off tracking.)
  2. Eat clean/ limit eating out to two meals (preferably post-marathon)
  3. Drink 100 – 150 oz of water daily.
  4. Gentle stretching/ restorative yoga two times
  5. Create/ Find marathon check list and pack up by Thursday night.

I’ll be back next Tuesday with a review of this week’s goals and a whole new set of goals for next week!

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