May Foodie Penpals Part II

This month I was paired up with a reader.  Since she doesn’t have a blog of her own to post on, Stephanie wrote up a guest post about the box I sent her.

So after telling Stina (her name is Kristina but is that not THE cutest nickname?!!)  that I try to eat healthy natural foods, with loves of but butters, granola, fruits, nuts, trail mixes, & chocolate- you can only imagine how PSYCHED I was when I opened my foodie penal box: A bag of CHOCOLATE  banana granola & a PUMPkIN granola, & various nut butters!

Ok. Those chocolate and pumpkin are 2 of my fave flavors. I had the package in the car with me and wa stuck in Boston traffic when I got the munchies and HAD to try the chocolate one. Oh. My. Gosh. Delicious!!!!!  After a few big handfuls I had to make myself stop!!!  I couldn’t get over how yummy it was!  And the cool thing about the granola is that it’s a Chicago based company, which is where she is from, so it was like she was sending me a little love from her! Later that night for dinner guess what I had?! Yup. More choc granola with almond milk. Holy moly. Yum. Soooo good!  I haven’t had a chance to try the pumpkin one yet bc I want to get thru a granola I already had opened, plus the chocolate one, but I know it’s gonna be amazing. I’m even going to look online and see if I can order these granola bc they are by far the best I’ve ever had!

If you can’t find it online and want more, Stephanie, I’d be happy to send it your way!

The nut butters were the perfect size for me to bring to work to eat with apples and pb. Love love love!!!


I can’t thank Stina enough for taking the time to think of something I would really enjoy!  She was an awesome foodie penal & I have enjoyed corresponding with her too!  I look forward to continuing our emails!!


Thanks Stina. Youre a foodie penal rockstar:)

If you want more details on participating in Foodie Penpals check out my May Reveal Post.

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