The first thing you should know about me is that I absolutely hate writing “About Me”s.  I feel like I’m selling myself, and there’s absolutely nothing in life that makes me feel less interesting.  But I suspect you all probably want to know a little bit of background on me so here we go…

The Basics.

Stina/27/F/Chicago. That’s enough right?  No?  Okay, fine.

Formally, the name is Kristina, but my friends all call me Stina.  We’re all friends here, so you can call me Stina too.  I work, play and live in the greater Chicago-land area.   I have a dog named Maxwell Edison and a cat I call Sgt. Pepper.  (Bonus points to you if you know the common theme in their names.) I work for a large insurance brokerage while trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

The Blog

I debuted in the blogosphere as a weight loss/ healthy living blogger.  While I am still losing those last 10 lbs and still living a healthy lifestyle, this blog is much more of a lifestyle blog.  As a former blogger once put it, it’s a happy living blog.  My blog is my story and something for me to look back on later in life.  Yes, there will be elements of a healthy living blog.  I love to cook, and I’m sure there will be recipes to share.  I love to run so there will be plenty of race recaps and posts about running.  But my goal is for my blog to be so much more than that.

 Where I Come From…

I like to think I’m something special, and I guess I am in that “we’re all unique snowflakes kind of way,” but the truth is, I’m pretty average.  I’m okay with that though. In fact, I’m about as average upper-middle class, suburban white girl as they come.  I haven’t struggled with disordered eating.  I’ve never had an exercise obsession (a laziness obsession maybe).  I grew up with family dinners of mostly home cooked meals.  I ate fruits and the occasional vegetable.  I brought my lunch to school. (I was far too picky for school lunches.)  I gained weight the same way a lot of people do: college, desk job, lack of time to exercise, slowly without much notice until I’d packed on somewhere between 40 – 50 lbs since high school.  I lost the weight the “old-fashioned way” through improving my diet and exercise over the course of the last three years.  It was my weight loss journey that really thought me to embrace life, to challenge myself, and to strive to be the best possible version of myself.

More Fun Facts.

I have never met a set of stairs I can’t fall down.

I bake like a champ.

I can watch a TV marathon like it’s my job.

l can run a marathon like it’s my job..wait, I don’t know that for sure yet, but I do love running…most of the time.

I have an uncanny ability to spill things, run into walls, knock things over, and injure myself in the most random and absurd ways.

I resist labels.

I appreciate silliness in my life.

I was a competitive swimmer for 10 year, and I hate being wet.

I would wear black Converse Chuck Taylors all the time if I could.

I am really sarcastic – really, really sarcastic.

I tend to ramble and over-explain myself.  Trust me, you get used to it.

I have two younger brothers and a sister-in-law.  The sister-in-law is my favorite.

I have a mouth like a sailor.

I frequently abuse grammar, punctuation, and the English language as a whole.  Ironically I’m certified to teach these things to grades 6 – 12.

Even More Fun Facts

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