Weight Watches Wednesday: Weight Loss and Marathon Training

One thing I’ve discovered, though it doesn’t really come as a surprise at all, is that weight loss and marathon training don’t play well with each other.  When I started training, I had delusions  of continued weight loss, and my stellar losses in February probably didn’t help eliminate said delusions.  However, reality has set in in the form of being hungry almost all the time.  I try to keep it under control, but sometimes, particularly on long run days, the hunger wins and I pretty much don’t stop sticking food in my face.  Since my long runs are usually on Sunday, that face-stuffing does have lingering effects on my Tuesday weigh in.  Plus, I haven’t been choosing the most quality foods  to be stuffing into my face.  I’m quite certain recent food choices have a lot to do with the  (slight) increases I’ve been seeing on the scale and the bloating I’ve been feeling over all.

So a decision has been made.  For the duration of training I am, more or less, going into maintenance mode.  I will still be attending meetings.  I will still be weighing in weekly there.  However, I won’t be posting my weigh-ins here unless things take a drastic turn toward weight gain.  As long as I’m staying between 150 (my lowest low) and 155, I am okay with it.

I’ll still be counting my points, and I’ll still be focusing on eating all of my activity points.  My goal is to fuel myself properly and well.  The “well” part of that equation is really my focus for this week: choosing quality foods, loading up on fruits and veggies, and making sure I’m getting enough protein.  So far it’s going well,  I bought a bunch of produce  – strawberries, bananas, pre-sliced apples, mushrooms, carrots, grapefruits (though I’m still not sold on grapefruit), salad greens, etc – over the weekend, and they are all prepped and ready to be eaten in meal and as snacks.  I’m also making sure to include some protein in every meal and snack – eggs, nuts, peanut butter, cheese, and, despite my intents of a meatless March, some meat.

So, since I’m not weighing in here weekly, I might not be posting Weight Watchers Wednesday weekly, but I will definitely be starting it up again come May when it comes time to really lose those dreaded last 10 pounds!