262. Sometimes…

Originally posted to Girl Can on April 6, 2011.  This was written after a particularly horrible training run for the 2011 WI Half Marathon

Sometimes you have a migraine so you decide to put off your training run until the next day.


Sometimes that next day rolls around and when you look out the window at lunch you discover it’s raining.


Sometimes you check your Weather Channel app and find out there’s about a 40% chance of rain in the forecast for the rest of the day.


Sometimes you guilt yourself into decide to play the odds and go for your run anyway.


Sometimes you decide to kill two birds with one stone by running to the library to pick up the books you requested.

Sometimes you realize (for the second time in as many weeks) you only own one weather resistant jacket – and it’s your winter running jacket.


Sometimes you suck it up and don your winter running jacket with only your sports bra underneath.


Sometimes you create a contingency plan in which you take cover and have your boyfriend pick you up on his way home from work should the rain get too bad.


Sometimes you forget to check the library’s hours before leaving the house. (Do you see where this is going?)


Sometimes it starts drizzling half a mile from your house.  You consider turning around, but solider on remembering said contingency plan.


Sometimes you get half way between your house and your destination and realize you need to poop. (TMI? Maybe.  Truth? Yes.  Fellow runners you know what’s up.)  You could turn around and go home or you could continue on knowing the library has a bathroom?


Sometimes you continue on.  Sometimes you make mistakes.


Sometimes you wonder how 2.5 miles can feel so incredibly long.


Sometimes you get to the library after 2.5 of the more brutal miles you’ve run in your life at 6:18pm only to discover they closed 78 minutes earlier.


Sometimes you pretend you’re not defeated even though you totally are.


Sometimes you distract yourself from the GI cramps by thinking about how you’re going to turn this horrific event into something blog worthy.


Sometimes you find yourself thinking about how you would kill for a port-a-potty right now.  Seriously.  It happened.

Sometimes you’ve never been so grateful for a gas station bathroom.


Sometimes gas stations in the middle of the suburbs don’t have public bathrooms.


Sometimes you REALLY wonder how 2.5 miles can feel so incredibly long.


Sometimes you wonder how 2.5 blocks can feel so incredibly long.


Sometimes you wonder why it couldn’t have just fucking rained.

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