Where I’ve Been…

It’s been pretty quite around here lately.  That’s because I’m doing a ton of behind the blog work, and there are big things coming to Running In Chucks.  I’ve also been spending a lot of time unplugging on the weekends.  Here’s a small glimpse of what I’ve been up to lately.


I took a trip to Cedar Point with friends.  We rode all of the roller coasters and barely waited in line.  It was awesome.


Coffee and my Kindle on the lake.  I managed to ready 2.5 books over Memorial Day weekend.


Maxwell chilling out on the boat.


I saw The Cranberries in concert with my friend Val.


I’ve been ramping up my bags skills lately.  I’m still pretty horrible, but I can sometimes actually score points now!


I’ve been cooking more.  This is a cherry barley pudding (like rice pudding) I made.  It needs some tweaking before I share, but that’s a convenient excuse to make more.


Goals, Goals, Goals: May Goals Week 2

I’m sure you all are anxiously awaiting my marathon recap, but it’s turning out to be a much more difficult post to write than I ever expected it to be.  Hopefully by the end of the week.  Anyway, on to the goals starting with a review of last week’s goals. Things were going very well to start last week, but between my marathon, marathon recovery, and the wonderful cold I picked up during the marathon, things pretty much fell apart over the weekend.

  1. Track 6 out of 7 days (I’m more or less giving myself marathon day off tracking.) Well,  I tracked like a champ until Saturday.  I only ended up tracking 5/7 days
  2. Eat clean/ limit eating out to two meals (preferably post-marathon) This was actually a totally unrealistic/ poorly planned goal on my part.  I should have expected that I’d be eating out for most of my meals on Saturday, and that I probably wasn’t going to be up for much cooking on Sunday or Monday.  Plus Nik and I had planned a lunch out on Monday.  However, I didn’t  eat out at all prior to the marathon which was really the intention of this goal.  So even though, I ultimately ate out 5 meals, I do consider this goal somewhat of a success.
  3. Drink 100 – 150 oz of water daily. I didn’t track on Saturday, but even without Saturday, I drank a total of 791 oz of water which averages to 113 oz a day.
  4. Gentle stretching/ restorative yoga two times I did this on Wednesday and last night. 2/2
  5. Create/ Find marathon check list and pack up by Thursday night. I was actually fully packed (minus a few things I needed on Friday morning) and ready to go before I went to bed Thursday night.  This is a major victory for me since I’m usually scrambling to pack at the last-minute. 1/1

So despite not reaching my tracking and eating out goals I had an overall success rate of 83% this week.  Not too shabby considering. So this week’s goals.  My main goal for the week is to get my eating back on track.  Now that marathon training is over I need to get back to sticking to my daily points plus target.  I also want to make sure I’m getting some light activity in to help my poor little legs recover.  With that in mind here are my goals:

  1. Food Journal 5 out of 7 days.  The goal here being to make sure I’m actually hungry when I’m eating.
  2. Stay out of the pantry after dinner.  If I’m hungry after dinner I have to stick to the fridge; ya know, where the fresh fruits and veggies live.  If I’m not hungry enough to eat fruits or veggies, I probably don’t really need to eat.
  3. Light exercise 3 days.  I’m hoping to get an easy bike ride in tomorrow night with Nik, and him, and I are planning our first hike for this weekend (provided my legs are feeling up to it.)  That leaves me one other day to fit in a light workout of some sort.
  4. Repeating the water goal: 100 – 150 oz daily particularly on the weekends which is when I struggle most with hydration.

Once More, With Feeling(s)

(first of all, bonus points to anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post…)

One thing trait, or lack thereof, that has always sort of bothered me is that I’m not a very sentimental person. I want to be, and sometimes I try to be. But in truth, I’m just really not even sure how to be.

I’m sure it has to do with my family and upbringing, and while I suppose maybe understanding why I’m not a very sentimental person might help me to become a more sentimental person, that’s not really the purpose of this post.

Sometimes, I look back and periods of time, and I’m really disappointed in myself for not remembering more, writing more, and capturing more. I realize there’s a fine line between living your life and documenting your life, and that sometimes you need to be in the moment rather than thinking about how you can remember this later. But I want to walk a little bit closer to that line than I currently do.

One of my goals for this blog is to help me document and remember more of the “little things” in my life – my thoughts about training for my first marathon, the feelings of crossing the finish line, the taste of new recipes and restaurants, the details of my adventures. But the blog will only get me so far. There are some details of my life I don’t want plastered all over the interwebs. There are also details of my life that involve other people who maybe don’t want their lives plastered all over the interwebs. There are details of my life that I might find very meaningful and my readers find boring as hell.

Most people, myself included, look at January 1st and see it as the ideal time to set new goals for the coming year, but when you stop and think about it, any day is the perfect day to set goals and take yourself and your life in a new direction.

My twenty-eighth birthday is coming up (33 days, start shopping now friends!), and its rapid approach makes it seem like the perfect marker to set my new goal of being more sentimental. I might’ve “missed my chance” to fully embrace and document all the little things in my life during 2012, but I can do that with my 28th year. I’ve been making a goals list (which I will be revealing later this month) for the coming year, and several of the goals revolve around different methods of documenting my life and embracing (and expanding) my sentimental side. I’ve been surfing the web and gather ideas. I’ve found a few things I love: lots of the sentimental art pieces over on Young House Love, project life, project 365, photo a day…

Part of me wants to jump in feet first and go balls to the wall, but another part of me feels like I should start small and learn to build on my warm fuzzies. So this is where you come in my friends. Give me idea, suggestions, things you do. How do you document and remember? What do you do to bring out your sentimental side? Do you have a gratitude journal? A regular journal? Take photos? Jot yourself notes?