Marathon Musings: 26.2 Playlist

Building a six-hour marathon playlist turned out to be a lot more difficult than I expected it to be: even with 17.2 days worth of music to choose from.  You have to find the right beats and arrange them so they flow well together.  You have to attempt to time your power songs so they play when you need that extra motivation.   And if you’re like me and have a hugely eclectic music library, you have to predict what musical mood you’re going to be in because there’s little worse than having to listen to a song you’re not interested in while running.

I called on a variety of resources to assemble my marathon playlist, and I have to say, it was nearly perfect.  My power songs were well-timed and came on during the stretch from 18 – 20 where I was pretty much running alone in the middle of frickin no where.  There were a couple of songs that didn’t quite flow, but overall, it was a win!

I recently joined Spotify, and the playlist is there, but in case you don’t use Spotify, here’s the list…all 90 songs…you’re welcome.

(Click on the images below to enlarge and actually be able to read the track list)

(Click on the images above to enlarge and actually be able to read the track list)

And just in case you need to build your own 6 hour playlist (and this isn’t enough for you), here are some of the resources I used to build my epic playlist: suggestions from Facebook friends, suggestions on this Marathon Musings post, Gizmodo’s Most Mathematically Perfect Playlist for Running which a Facebook friend shared with me, Laura’s Running Music, Dori’s Running Songs, several Press Play posts from Rachel Wilkerson, and the other running playlists I’ve created since 2009

Marathon Musings: Closing In…

Marathon day is closing in upon me. In a mere ten days, I will be running 26.2 miles for the first (and last?) time in my life.

Throughout my training I’ve been pretty confident in my ability to finish the race. I even set a very loose goal time of 5:30. I’m still feeling confident, but the nerves are finally starting to set in.

I think most of the nervousness come from not knowing what to expect or how to prepare (ya know, other than the seemingly endless number of miles I’ve run over the last eighteen week.)  I’ve run plenty of races before, but a marathon just seems so much bigger. I can make it through a half on a solid breakfast and the water and fuel provided along the race course, but will that be enough for the full? How much fuel should I carry? Should I risk giving some to my parents or boyfriend to grab from them along the course? I worry about there being enough port-a-potties on the race course (because let’s face it, running ultimately makes me need to poop.) What do I eat for the next week and a half? How much more than “normal” do I eat? What about the night before or the morning of? And  most importantly, what the hell do I put on a playlist that needs to be six hours long?!?


Right now I am trying to find the delicate balance between not thinking about it too much (aka not getting myself all worked up and bent out of shape over the little things) and doing adequate marathon preparation research (making sure I don’t overlook some sort of crucial piece of marathon day knowledge.)

I’m sure I will have some sort of panicked melt down between now and the start of the race, but for now I’m dealing okay. In the meantime dear readers, any marathoners out there wanna share some race prep tips with a newbie? Or even better, have you got any favorite running tunes I should download immediately?

It’s Friday, I’m in Love: vol. 1

Let’s take a moment on this lovely Friday to discuss a few things I am currently obsessing over.

1. Music of the folksy-indie-alt-rock variety. Specifically I am obsessed with Of Monsters and Men, but Mumford & Sons, She & Him, Florence + the Machine, The Decemberists, The Shins and a few others are getting frequent plays on my iPod right now.


2. Goat cheese. I’ve always liked goat cheese in that ‘I’ll eat it, but I’m not going to go out of my way for it’ kind of way, but right now I can’t.get.enough. The obsession actually started a few weeks ago with a wild mushroom and goat cheese flatbread from Blackwood Grill, but it peaked this week in the form of Trader Joe’s Blueberry Vanilla Chevre smeared on a toasted English muffin.

3. Gossip Girl. I just finished season 4 on Netflix, and I’m currently warring with myself over season 5 (the current season). I can watch them on Hulu Plus, but only the 5 most recent episodes are available which leaves me a 13 or 14 episode gap. I could buy these off Amazon or I could just suck it up and wait for Season 5 to be released on Netflix. I don’t REALLY want to wait, but my cheap side hasn’t caved to buying them yet.   I’ve been tearing through the books as well, but in all honesty, the TV series (which is really vastly different) is WAY better.

What about you? Is there anything you’re obsessing over? Should I be obsessed with it too?